Seminar TitleGravitational waves from conformal symmetry
SpeakerDr. Shahar Hadar
InstituteDAMTP, University of Cambridge
PlaceHannover, AEI, Seminarraum 103
Start23.02.2017 13:15
Massive objects orbiting a near-extreme Kerr black hole plunge into the horizon after passing the innermost stable circular orbit, producing a potentially observable signal of gravitational radiation. The near horizon dynamics of such rapidly rotating black holes is governed by a conformal symmetry. In the talk I will show how this symmetry can be exploited to analytically compute the gravitational waves produced by a variety of orbits. I will then describe a generalization to grazing ("zoom-whirl") orbits which do not plunge into the black hole, and finally discuss an applicationĀ to gravitational self-force